Lab Reopening August 17th

The Lab will be reopening again starting Monday August 17. There are a some restrictions and new protocols in place, so please read the info below carefully.

Access to the building
You need to be on the access list to enter the building. By now, Full-time and Part-time Faculty, as well as  students from the MFA Studio Arts program are on the list. You know that your are on that list if you have received an invite to complete the COVID-19 online training, and an email regarding the weekly self evaluation. If you are a student other then MFA Studio Arts and need access, we advice you to check with your program director or supervisor. If you are part of a research group or a PhD student, contact your director/supervisor to see if he/she can get you on the access list.

Workstations and Reservations
In order to reduce the amount of people who are in the space at the same time, we have now 3 work area.

– Printer area (11880 and Solvent Printer)

– Scanners area (Imacon and Flatbed)

– Editing Station

Only one person is allowed per work area, so there will be one booking for both printers, and one booking for both scanners and one booking for the editing station. The Chromira is offline for the time being.

You can make you reservations as in the past in PIR, but there are some restrictions:

– You can work in the lab 7 days a week, but only from 9 am to 10pm.
– You can only hold maximum two reservation in advance (two time slots).

To make best use of this limited access model, it is very important that you cancel your reservation in case you can’t make it. Also please be in time for your booking. Note that you can’t cancel/modify a booking anymore once it started. In that case, please send and e-mail to

Failure to follow these rules may result in a cancelling of your booking and a loss of you access privileges.

COVID-19 protocol
– Wash hands in the bathroom before you start working at the lab.
– Disinfect keyboard, mouse, printer and scanner buttons – basically  everything you might touch before AND after usage. Apply the disinfectant (70 per cent isopropanol solution) directly onto a cloth, then wipe the surface gently. Don’t use brown paper towels. Supplies are beside the wardrobe.
– For more details please consult Concordia’s  COVID-19 safety guidelines

Working with an RA / collaborator
In general we expect you to have your work meetings outside the lab. However, to look at prints it might be unavoidable to meet inside the lab.  In that case you will have to make a booking for the Viewing Area. This will authorize an extra person in the space.

The guiding principle is: Nobody should enter the lab without having a booking / reservation. It’s the only way to avoid that we have all of a sudden a crowd of people in the lab.

Also note that the VR section of  the space will remain close, and activities will be conducted online for the time being.